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     The Clients with whom we have had a lasting relationship will testify to our ability to identify and motivate potential candidates whom they would like to hire most.  To give you a glimpse into our operation, we will give you a summary of how A.C.E. operates, as well as the business philosophy that has made this firm a powerful entity in this industry.   

     All of our Consultants are perfectly bi-lingual, and we have a link in the United States.  We keep a constant eye on Candidates of high caliber, both in Japan and abroad. 

     Our Managing Director and CEO, Krishna Mahalingam, was educated both in India and in the United States.  He speaks fluent Japanese and feels comfortable in Western, Japanese and Asian cultural environments.  As a person who understands the Japanese culture, customs and politico-economic environment, he is someone who can provide you with valuable input whether you are considering entering the Japanese market, or if you are already operating in this country.  

     We have been in Japan for a long time, but our focus and philosophy have remained unchanged.  It is simple and yet complex.  The simplicity is rooted in our fundamental commitment not to treat our Candidates as commodities.   As our name implies, we are in the business of enhancing the careers of our Candidates.  We are sensitive to our Candidates’ career aspirations and do our best to guide them through the interview process.  A high degree of confidentiality and discretion is always maintained.   

     The complexity stems from the fact that as people standing as a bridge between our Candidates and our Clients, we are of course fiercely loyal to our Clients.  Balancing these two interests is what makes the process complex. 

     We look forward to the opportunity of showing and proving to you what a difference  A.C.E. International can make in the success of your organization.


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