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     When we meet you for the first time, we will be very upfront with specific market information, and we will let you articulate as to how and in what direction you want to take your career.  We do not make decisions for you, but will certainly assist and guide you to the opportunity that will best fit your career aspirations.   

     We always let potential Candidates know that there is no commitment or obligation in simply setting the recruiting process in motion.  If the potential Candidate feels uncomfortable at any time, he or she can stop or freeze the interview process.  We are very sympathetic to your career goals and will give you our input from time to time during this process to insure that you are always completely informed and able to make the correct decision. 

     We never treat our Candidates as commodities.  We believe in building Lasting, Long-Term Relationships firmly rooted in Integrity and Trust.

     Confidentiality and Discretion are always maintained throughout the recruiting process.  We will never forward your resume without your full knowledge and permission.


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