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     Founded on our Commitment to raise the benchmark in Integrity, Service and Results, A.C.E. International has been one of the leading Executive Search firms in Tokyo with a history spanning nearly 20 years. 

     Today, our approach and Commitment to Excellence continues to earn the Trust and Satisfaction of an ever growing roster of Clients which include many Fortune 500 Companies.  Simultaneously, we have enjoyed the kind of reputation we have because of the Trust, Integrity and Long-Term Relationships we have fostered with our Candidates. 

     It is easy to spout buzzwords, but our Dedication, Experience and In-depth knowledge of our fields of specialization will bring to you the kind of advantage unrivalled in this industry. 


We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


Recruitment License # 13-04-0307


The Woodblock Prints seen on this site are from the "36 Views of Mt. Fuji".

  "Fuji Sanju Rokkei" by Ando Hiroshige  (1797-1858) 

The Majestic Mt. Fuji never "really" changes.  However, depending on the season, climate, perspective or point of view, the Mountain takes on an entirely different dimension.  We at A.C.E. like to think that our commitment to Integrity, Service and Results has never wavered over the years.  Rooted in these fundamental values, we have been able to adapt to the ever-changing business variables or "seasons" of the times, and have continued to deliver to our Clients and Candidates the service and results they have come to expect.

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Ichikoku Bridge in the Eastern Capital  (Click to Enlarge)


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